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About meal

About Meals

Bring your favorite beverages and seasonal foods.


Cooking in the kitchen

The kitchens are fully equipped (IH stove) with the following equipment and cooking utensils (only salt, pepper, and olive oil are required for seasoning).

    • - IH stove
    • - Refrigerator
    • - Microwave Oven
    • - Oven
    • - Rice cooker
    • - Electric kettle
    • - Pots and pans
    • - Tabletop induction stoves
    • - IH-compatible earthenware pots
    • - colanders and bowls
    • - Knives
    • - Chopping boards
    • - Plates/Glasses/Cups
    • - Wine Openers
    • - Cutlery
    • - Salt
    • - Pepper
    • - Olive oil

BBQ with seasonal ingredients

You can enjoy BBQ by bringing your own favorite ingredients.
Please be sure to use the BBQ gas grill provided. BBQ stoves with charcoal are strictly prohibited.


Calling a Chef

You can also arrange for a traveling chef to cook in our kitchen. (In addition to the cost of the meal, a business trip fee will be charged.) There is no need to pay for the use of our facilities, but the average cost of a business trip is about 10,000 yen.

BBQ Plan with 2 meals per night

OC Premium BBQ Plan featuring Awaji Beef and Awaji Chicken is available.


[Dinner] OC Premium (Awaji Beef)

Please note that the menu is subject to change depending on the season and availability.


[Breakfast] Fruit sandwich set


Morning coffee
A set of seasonal fruit sandwiches made by Iwaya Coffee and Iwaya Coffee's original drip coffee.
Enjoy a relaxing morning with a view of the ocean.